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What is Shiatsu?

Shiatsu is a traditional healing therapy which originated in Japan. It is used to relax and revitalise the mind & body, and to restore health & well-being. Though the word Shiatsu literally translated means finger pressure, in fact a combination of thumbs, palms, elbows and knees are used to apply varying amounts of pressure to different parts of the body. Points along the meridians or energy pathways (the same as the ones used in acupuncture) are stimulated. Stretches and rotations are also used. The essential principle of Shiatsu is to reactivate the body's own natural tendency towards balance and energy flow.

Who can benefit from Shiatsu?

Everyone can. This is because Shiatsu works both as a way of maintaining your health and well-being, and as a treatment for health problems. A Shiatsu treatment is an enjoyable experience which leaves you feeling deeply relaxed, revitalised and free of many of your physical & emotional tensions. It is also used to relieve a range of specific ailments such as backache, stiff neck, frozen shoulder, sports injuries, migraine, poor circulation, menstrual problems, infertility, insomnia, asthma and constipation. It is also effective in relieving general depression, lethargy and general stress, and is also helpful during pregnancy.

How does Shiatsu work?

By applying pressure along the energy pathways (meridians) of the body, Shiatsu moves blocked energy and allows it to flow freely again, thus moving the body & mind into a greater sense of harmony. Through diagnosis, we can assess what is causing your symptoms and work on changing this condition. Areas lacking in vital energy are stimulated while areas with too much energy are relaxed. Muscles, joints, blood and body fluids are also stimulated, thereby increasing overall circulation and flexibility.


What is involved in a Shiatsu treatment?

A treatment usually lasts 50 minutes and takes place on a ground level Futon or on a couch or chair. Shiatsu is performed through clothing and the best clothing to wear is a loose fitting tracksuit. No heavy meals or alcohol should be consumed beforehand. We begin the session with diagnosis and decide which body areas and meridians need to be worked upon. In order to help treatment, recommendations are usually given on such things as diet, exercise, lifestyle etc. You will become aware of where you store tensions, gain insight, and be given advice on what to do about it.

How often would I need a Shiatsu treatment?

This depends on you. If you came with a specific complaint, a course of 6 weekly treatments may be recommended initially, then less frequently as your condition improves. However, those people who want Shiatsu for stress relief, or simply because of the sense of well-being they receive from it, tend to come whenever they want to.

Who am I?

I've been a fully-qualified Shiatsu-do Therapist and member of the Shiatsu Society since 1993. I have a General Practice, and have specialised in the area of addiction recovery. I treat individuals and facilitate groups at the Sporting Chance Clinic , Life Works in Woking and The Priory Hospital Group. I teach Shiatsu introductory courses at the North Kingston Centre for Adult Education , and facilitate QiGong, Meditation and Relaxation classes. I teach singing one to one and lead voice and percussion groups exploring sound and harmony. As a singer song writer, I have recorded the CD 'The Heart Mirror'.


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